Whole health series for business owners: reading The Difference Maker, by John C. Maxwell

Whole health series for business owners: reading The Difference Maker, by John C. Maxwell

By Teresa Morrow In his book, The Difference Maker, John C. Maxwell offers tips and tools for not only living differently but questioning our attitude toward life. He challenges the reader to discover a new way to define ourselves in this world. He shares that “much of what we do every day comes from habitual behaviors. Over the course of time, we have developed a way of approaching life”. This book is described as “one-on-one coaching” from one of the nation’s toSee Original Article

British Bytes: Tech Startups Share Their Favorite London Eats

Lured to London (and the United Kingdom as a whole) by small-business-friendly policies like special startup visas for employees and a reduced capital gains tax, startups in the city are now hiring and raising capital at record rates.
According to CB Insights, London-based tech companies raised $1.23 billion across 231 deals from Q2 2013 to Q1 2014, a 206% growth in funding from the same time period a year before
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While London has been a See Original Article

There Are Now 3 Million Data Centers in the U.S., and Climbing

Data centers, the key backbone of the cloud, are growing larger and more energy intensive, prompting the Department of Energy (DOE) to launch a new initiative on Tuesday aimed at improving their energy efficiency.
According to DOE statistics, data center electricity use doubled between 2001 to 2006, from 30 to 60 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, and stood at about 100 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity as of 2013. This amounts to about 2% of all U.S. electricity use and climbing.
AlreSee Original Article

Is More Education in the Works?

Education is at the heart of personal betterment in the pursuit of a richer life. But does going back to school make sense as an investment in your career and your business? For many business owners and employees alike, it just might. Why Business Owners Go Back to School An article in Entrepreneur detailed a few of the many reasons business owners go back to school, other than intellectual betterment. The reasons are as diverse as the businesses they own. Research shows that more than three quaSee Original Article

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