Video Creation Services

Let me ask you a couple of questions….

– Do you have the time to do design, create and upload videos for yourself or your clients?
– Do you feel comfortable doing your own video creation?

If your answer is no, well your not alone – Most people don’t like doing videos or expose or show themselves on camera.

HOWEVER – Video marketing is going through the roof! It is dominating the way marketing online is done today.
Honestly, people want to see you and your brand – And that’s where we come in…..

Our Video Creation Services will get you noticed In all areas of business.

We can design, create the following videos;

Corporate Videos – Your business will stand out to customers, partners, and investors

Sales Videos – Dramatically increase your sales and build customer list at the same time

Website Promotion Videos – Showcase products, services highlighting the benefits to clients

Product/Service/Event Review Videos – What makes it unique, distinctive from your competition

Testimonial Videos – They build trust with prospects and strengthen relationships with existing customers

Press Release Videos – Gain traffic, visibility for your news releases. Promote products, services events and more

Animated Videos – Captivate visitors to your website, blog, LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Page using animation

Funny Videos – Surprise your customers, friends and family a fun experience

Customer Service Videos – In a tough economy, improving customer service will be the key to survival

Frequently Asked Questions Videos – They can be a great tool, create a FAQ page that readers will find useful

Want something done special in video – Just ask us!

Our professional actors will do your videos in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese.

So…..why is video so important today – Because it works! and it sells

In a report done by the Wharton school of Business….

  1. Prospects are 72% more likely to by your product, service, event when video is used
  2. Their buying decisions is are made much faster after viewing video.
  3. 89 percent of people will review a video the same day they receive it.
  4. 94 percent of those people will share it with others.
  5. The response rates for video promotions are six times greater than any other marketing tool.
  6. Also After watching your video, prospects will have a greater understanding of what you want them to do.

Video will attract interest and promote every aspect of your company and your clients.

My team of experts will create a video that will increase revenue, or get any message you want to get across to prospects and customers.

You provide the script or we have top notch copywriters to do it for you – Whatever you would like.

Important – Video Submission and Online Marketing Distribution

  • We can submit your video on 30 Video Sharing Sites
  • All work done manually, no robots/software’s will be used
  • Video sharing is a great way to increase traffic and boost your brand

We have a huge staff of actors standing by now……….

Click on each image to enlarge.



Request a quote today for Video Creation Service;

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