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The Yarn Store Launch Video [Case Study]

Shelley Brander has a yarn store in Tulsa Oklahoma. Knitting has been a passion of Shelley’s since she first learn to knit when she was 16 years old. Along the way she just got this crazy idea to open her own store.

Shelley and her husband owned a branding ad industry for over 30 years. All her friends and family thought she was completely crazy to go from this really successful ad agency and go out and open up a yarn store.

She had no retail background what so ever, had no idea what she was doing. All Shelley had in her back pocket was her branding skills and a dream.

Watch this video and learn how she turned her passion and an idea of creating a modern yarn store.
And what she discovered along the way that really transformed her life and the yarn store business.

Can you use Product Launch Formula to do an online launch for a bricks-and-mortar yarn store?
That’s exactly what Shelley Brander did with pretty spectacular results! This and incredibly inspiring story;

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