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First NHL Game Played – 99 Years ago today


It was 99 years ago today, The National Hockey League players took to the ice for the first time.

On Dec. 19, 1917, the Montreal Wanderers defeated the Toronto Arenas 10-9 at Westmount Arena in Montreal and the Montreal Canadiens skated to a 7-4 victory against the Ottawa Senators at Dey’s Arena in Ottawa.

Wanderers defenseman Dave Ritchie scored the first goal in League history one minute into the first contest, displayed in the replica score sheets below:

Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators –  The Habs great goal scorer Joe Malone scored five goals (and added an assist).

The 2nd game that night was the Toronto Arenas vs Montreal Wanders – Montreal. Wanderers’ defenseman Dave Ritchie scored the first goal in NHL history. Montreal’s Harry Hyland also scored 5 goals) and Toronto’s Reg Noble 4 goals.

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