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Global Business Collaboration

Ian Haines, one of my business associates has started up his own group on LinkedIn.

Ian Haines

Global Business Collaboration Group 

This group was set up to allow individuals and companies to position their products or services to a global international market and for buyers to find international suppliers.

Ian is Owner of Ianmhaines Consulting in Codford St Peter, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Ian’s business interests are in;

1. His core business is a general call centre and BPO partners worldwide;

Has a portfolio of 500 partners worldwide although we probably only work with 30 regularly and use no more than 100 on an ad hock basis.

But the point is we have a partner somewhere in every country around the world so all bases are covered.

They hunt for companies that want to outsource some inbound/outbound or BPO work and then place that with a partner of their’s after conducting a business matching service.

The partner has to have demonstrable experience in the clients vertical, they have to be in the right location, can achieve the price points and the way the client wants to remunerate them (has to be a win for both parties – client and supplier)

The supplier can tick all the boxes relating to size of operation, data security, recruitment, training, political stability, business continuity planning etc etc.

The two big call centre areas for Ian right now are multi lingual – They have circa 40 partners across Europe who can handle in one site between 10 and 20 European languages via a mix of native, bi and tri lingual agents.

One centre even offers multi lingual Social Media Management via their own platform managing – voice, web, text, chat.

They specifically target North American, UK and European businesses that trade across Europe who need multi lingual partners.

The 2nd area is a large call centre partner operating in China with 2 huge sites helping US and European companies with inbound CS and sales support that wish to trade in China.

The good thing is that this 3,500 seat operation is Canadian owned and they will support a small 5 seat operation and upwards. They specialise in supporting luxury brands with inbound sales and CS support.

2. BPO business in India who specialise in the whole accounting and payroll outsource side of things;

They have a team of 80 accountants and other back end financial staff who manage this outsource side of things for UK and US businesses.

Ian is looking to try and generate as much work and enquiries as possible for them.

This is a massive growth area currently and they are a real premium supplier of these services – not on price but on quality of service and delivery.

You can contact Ian at;

Skype ID ian.haines10