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My Gift To You


How to Create Effective Emails That Get Results

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or who your customers are. Every business needs to write effective emails to get the results your looking for.

So here is my gift to you today……..

Now you can be the catalyst to help your customers improve their emails with these proven strategies.

Main Report – 24 page PDF teaching people how to craft effective and engaging emails.

Checklist – 4 page PDF overview of the report that focuses on the key lessons taught.
Perfect for handouts.

Here’s the link to get your copy – How to Write Effective Emails

Feel free to use these any way you wish – Even put your name on it as the author.
Something that you can use to provide value to your clients.
To Your Success!
Rick Ostler

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How To Crush Your Email Marketing Now

How To Be Sure Your Emails Arrive In Your Prospects Inbox

Not Their Spam Box Each and Every Day!

email message

All of us are email marketers no matter what we’re doing in marketing….

No matter what niche your in, no matter what avenue in the world your in.

Whether your an offline business or online business.

Whether your in retail or a service provider….

Anything you do today – You should be using email marketing.

It’s the future, it’s here now and it’s not going away any time

You wake up each and every morning and check your email right?

I know I do and I’m pretty darn sure everyone else does too.

I mean we’re not anything special vs anyone else in the world.

We all check our emails some time during the day – so why would email ever go away?

But we all have to become a better email marketer.

We all need to learn and adapt to the changes in email marketing in order to achieve the success we want from our emails.

How many people wake up in the morning to 50 or more emails, each and every day?

Most people do whether your in a profit for business or a non-profit organization.

So………how do you make yourself and your emails stand out?

How do you make yourself sure your emails arrive in your prospects inbox – Not their Spam box each and every day?

That’s what this video training is all about……….

As you grow your company, what your going to learn you can implement into your business right away.

You will also discover One big thing that many email marketers don’t talk about that happened in the begining of this year.

Learn What You Need To Crush Your Email Marketing [Fill Out For Below Now]


Convert Leads into Customers


Hello everyone,

Do you struggle with inconsistency in your business?

Inconsistent lead follow-up leads to poor conversion and causes existing customers to feel neglected.

Thousands of businesses have already found success with Lifecycle Marketing – have your connections?

This method for attracting, selling, and wowing your (and their) customers is the same one that I have used to grow my company.

Are you neglecting your existing customers? If so, STOP!

Just wanted to give you the heads up on this upcoming webinar….

How make your small business more successful in 2015 and beyond

Hosted by Scott Martineau Co-founder, Infusionsoft. Scott’s mission is to solve the challenges small businesses face in marketing their products and services.

His own entrepreneurial experiences and his understanding of what small businesses need enable him to continually evolve their software in innovative and successful ways.

How you will benefit from joining this webinar…..

Have you ever wondered things like:

  1. Why aren’t more people interested in my business?
  2. Why aren’t more of my leads buying from me?
  3. What do I do with my leads if they don’t buy today?
  4. And why aren’t more of my customers referring their friends?

Learn the stages of Lifecycle Marketing – A proven framework for small business marketing success.

How make your small business more successful in 2015 and beyond.

From the visionary marketing expert who helped transform Infusionsoft into a multimillion dollar company. Scott will answer these questions (and more) with the same proven solutions that his marketing team uses here at Infusionsoft.

Not sure if this webinar is for you? Ask yourself a few questions:

Are you using the same generic marketing message for all of your leads?
Are you asking for the sale too soon?
Do you follow up consistently?
Could you be doing more to wow your existing customers?

As a company that started out as a small business with an idea for a better way of doing things, Infusionsoft has a really interesting vantage point. Over the past 13 years.

They have helped my business as well as tens of thousands of small businesses implement the right tools and the right processes.

They know what works, and what doesn’t, and can help you create actionable strategies that will drive your marketing forward.

Since I started using Infusionsoft, my leads, prospects and sales has tripled!

Register for the upcoming webinar….

How make your small business more successful in 2015 and beyond.

Have a great week!

Rick Ostler


Make Your Email Marketing Simple

Hello Subscribers, Rick Ostler here……
Are you building an email list? Discover how you can put yourself into full control with your auto-responder.

Here is an inside look of some of the really cool features that’s available to you;

Sean Donahoe is an Entrepreneur, Author, Coach, Public Speaker and Philanthropist. Sean is a self-taught expert who consults with every size of company from Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop local shops.

Sean specializes in showing business in how to transform their business into massively profitable enterprises and how to leverage the power of Internet Marketing to take their business to the next level.

Let me show you this awesome plugin that comes with tons of features that even the big auto-responders cannot match…
Your Very Own Email Auto-responder

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Email Marketing – What You Need to Ask Yourself

First off, thanks for stopping by my web site today.

I have prepared another PDF for you….

Where I share – When it comes to email marketing, I have learned over the years
there are a number of things you need to ask yourself from the get go…….

Rick Ostler Marketing Minute2

And the number one objection I hear from clients about email marketing.

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Thanks, Rick Ostler


Email Marketing – Sales Funnel Framework

First off, thanks for stopping by my web site today.

I have prepared another PDF for you….

Where I share more about the email Follow-up Sequence and how I framework an overall
structure you can use that will result in the most effective online selling situations.

Rick Ostler Marketing Minute1

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Thanks, Rick Ostler