Rick Ostler’s Customer Life Cycle Email Marketing System

Early on I realized Business to business (B2B) buyers are no different than Business to consumer (B2C) buyers.
Every business needs new leads, turn prospects into buyers and develop referrals.
This works for EVERY single business in B2C as well B2B markets.

So I’m going to open up my life cycle email marketing campaign and share it with a few people.


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Here is my offer to you…………

1. Prospect Sequence – Lead Generator, here is what you give something of value in order to get your leads email. This is where it all starts. 1 Email

2. No Response Lead Sequence – This is what you need to do when your new prospects and customers do not response to your lead generator. 4 Emails.

3. Quote Requested Sequence – Your lead has now moved forward from being a lead to a prospect. They have responded from either the Prospect Sequence or the No Response Sequence. 1 Email.

4. Quote Follow-up Sequence – This is your money making sequence, your closure for turning leads from prospects into customers. 6 Emails. 

5. Quote Accepted Customer Service Sequence – You need to stay in touch with your new customer throughout the sale. 4 Emails.

6. Options Follow-up Sequence – This is the sequence I use for when a customer wants something that is no longer available. These are various options and similar products or services to offer the prospect. 7 Emails.

7. Indicate Interest Not Ready to Buy Yet Sequence – Your prospect or customer has received your quote and has responded from your quote follow-up sequence with the answer “I’m not ready to purchase from you yet. 2 Emails.

8. Customer Requests Quote, We Need More Info Sequence – Your new prospect has reached out to you with a quote request. However you require more information in order to provide them a quote. 4 Emails.

9. Item shipped Sequence – Whether your selling products, services or events, you need an email sequence to follow the customer during this stage of the sale. 4 Emails.

10. Testimonial and Referral Sequence – Testimonials and Referrals are an extremely important part of the success of your business. 3 Emails.

11. Testimonial and Referral Thank You Sequence – Be thankful to the customer for the testimonial or referral. 1 Email.

Bonus Sequences

12. Up Sell Sequence – Increase your revenue during the sale and after it. How to influence your customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons in an to make a more profitable sale 6 Emails.

13. How Can I Help You & Your Business Sequence – This is where I reach out to customers with some offers on how I can help them with their business. This sequence has resulted in many sales for my customers. And has also resulted in many joint venture opportunities for my business. 10 emails.

13. The Sequence that my prospects and customers can’t wait each week to get.

That’s 53 Proven, Profit-Producing E-Mails including their subject lines.

With every broadcast you will also receive the time sequence I send out for each email.
All Yours Now to Instantly swipe, tweak for your business and Deploy!

This training will be delivered to you by email. Sent out in sequences every week.
So that it will give you time to do the training and set up the emails to suit your needs.
We used to send the training all at once but found many customers overwhelmed by all the emails.

Purchase your Customer Life Cycle Emails  – $297.00

Now Available For A Limited Time Only – $97.00

Please Note – We are not offering any kind of customer management software.
You would implement these emails into the email autoresponder that you are using now.
If you are currently not using any kind customer management software for your emails, we can
provide free consultation and recommend the software that would suit your needs.

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