Report: Apple to open office in Cambridge, England

Report: Apple to open office in Cambridge, England

Apple is planning to open an office in Cambridge, England, near the world-renowned university, according to a report.
Business Weekly, a UK publication, reports that Apple is planning to open an office on 90 Hills Road there “in the next few weeks.” The space will accommodate 20 employees, but will be able to scale up to 40, according to the report. Apple reps could not be reached for comment
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The story notes that other tech firms, including Huawei,See Original Article

Writer’s Block. The Pain and Panic are Real.

By Lisa D. Jenkins There’s nothing quite like that feeling of knowing you owe the readers of your blog several hundred words and realizing you’ve got no idea what to write about. The realization that you can write on just about anything only makes it worse. It mires your brain in some sort of one track spiral that does nothing but turn around and around on itself. Sorry, there are no blogs coming out of the station today. So you take a walk. You open up the Google machine and surf around. YouSee Original Article

18 successful startups that seemed crazy at first

This question originally appeared on Quora.
What are the most ridiculous startup ideas that eventually became successful?
Answer by Michael Wolfe, founder of four startups and counting.
The best startups seem obvious in retrospect — this is because by the time we find out about them as users, they have already reached critical mass.
It is possible to create a good startup with a good idea, but great startups are often the result of ideas that seem ridiculous if you hear them prior to seeSee Original Article

Aereo shutters Boston office but company will remain open

Aereo is shuttering its Boston office and laying off 43 employees, according to a document sent by the company to the state of Massachusetts.
The move, first reported by Beta Boston, comes as Aereo is in a holding pattern, awaiting word on whether it could become a cable company and resume operations. The company has been reeling since a Supreme Court decision found that the company had violated copyrights by streaming live network television that had been collected by miniature antennae.
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