Is Job Interview Performance Indicative of Actual Workplace Performance?

Is Job Interview Performance Indicative of Actual Workplace Performance?

This question originally appeared on Quora.I am interested in whether there is a direct link between the interview and job performance. Some companies require explicit ratings from interviewers after interviews — is there a correlation between those ratings and subsequent job performance? I have met quite a few people during my professional life who interviewed well but turned out to be busts. Google has mentioned that some of their best-performing employees had horrible job interview raSee Original Article

Anti-Airbnb Coalition Creates Map to Find Nearby Sex Offenders in NYC

ShareBetter, the anti-Airbnb campaign in New York City, launched a tool Monday that allows short-term renters to search neighborhoods in the city for sex offenders and building code violations.
Organizers of the coalition want the “ShareSafer” map to bring attention to the public safety issues of short-term rentals. ShareBetter, which launched its campaign in September, consists of hundreds of local politicians and affordable housing advocates rallying against short-term rentals. Their primarySee Original Article

Aspiring Flight Attendants Turn to Facebook for Job Advice

When Abbie Unger started a Facebook group for people trying to get jobs as flight attendants, it was just one of many tactics she used to get word out about her book. A year later, however, the group has become a central focus of her business.
“I had a lot of people asking me about how they could become a flight attendant,” Unger told Mashable. She worked for a major carrier before having children, and had gotten so many requests since leaving the job that she decided to self-publish Looking SSee Original Article

Swedish Interactive Billboard Ad Has a Touching Twist

Eight months ago, a Swedish interactive billboard went viral. Now another advertiser is using the billboard idea to do more than sell shampoo.
In the previous ad, Apotek, a pharmacy brand, outfitted subway platform ads in Stockholm with ultra-sonic sensors that discerned when a train was coming. The ad featured a model with a lush mane, and when the train came, her hair flapped in the wind as she struggled to keep it in place.
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The new version startSee Original Article

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