How to identify (and solve) challenges

How to identify (and solve) challenges

Can you tell when you are in the middle of overcoming challenges? How can you detect strength or capacity building as it is happening? Where is the contrast between where you’ve been and when you’ve learned? It’s sometimes difficult to tell, especially if you are an entrepreneur or just starting out. Lone wolf syndrome is both boon and bane. There’s a Proverb (paraphrased) that says, “If you wish to go somewhere fast, go alone; if you wish to go far, travel togetheSee Original Article

Are You Dialed-in to Telecommuting?

Communications technology is making the notion of working from home or other remote locations commonplace in today’s business world. If your business and its employees are missing out on the convenience of telecommuting, then it’s time to give the “work from anywhere” approach a shot. To give you a better idea of how the telecommunications atmosphere works, here are just a few advantages of going the telecommuting route with your business: Keeping up with the Trend BusinSee Original Article

It’s a Brand New, Brand YOU, Visual World

By Paul Biedermann, re:DESIGN It’s a visual world and images touch us in a direct, visceral way unlike text can alone. They make us happy, they make us laugh, they make us inspired — they can also make us deeply sad — all in just a fleeting glance. Recent neurological studies prove through brain imaging how we respond to visuals unlike any other media: we pay attention to them, we believe them, and we remember them. Powerful stuff! Now, take a look at today’s media landscape and the busy, See Original Article

Roadtrippers: 'You're Always 5 Minutes Away From Something Interesting'

Put down that phone and open a map — it’s time for an adventure. For many of us, wanderlust is a constant presence in our lives. Countless minutes are spent daydreaming at our office desks, thinking about packing up our car and setting out on the road.
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For James Fisher and Tatiana Parent, married cofounders of Roadtrippers, this dream is a reality. Their job is to travel and to inspire others to take the plunge.
“WSee Original Article

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