Early Registration – Buyer Madness

Excellent – You’re In!

You have been added to the Buyer Madness Early Bird list.

I’ll give you at LEAST an hour’s notice before we go “live”

Buyer Madness is a [List number] Week step by step class that’s taught by me personally.
Every week I will be giving you lessons on how to build Buyer Madness.
And answering all your questions each and every week so your moving forward with the information provided.
Which means I can’t have a ton of people in the course.
This is my first major promotion in 3 years. Every single course I have ever done that is in this style has always sold out quickly.

The class is specifically designed to help you build a solid email list loyal customers in record time!

I do this in [number of steps]

– Your competitors are leaving a gaping hole in their sales funnel that we are going to take advantage of.

– Where profits come from – How we get them – How we Increase them.

– The power of  Three Value Equation – How to build it and use it.

– How to create and establish Positioning in your marketplace.

– How to control your prospects level of trust and desire leading up to your conversion process.

– The One-on-One Conversion Process – Easy and extremely effective.

– How to create campaigns that SELL‏.

The end-goal of Buyer Madness – help you have a step-by-step process that produces sales time and time again.

The nature of this course, I can’t take many students or I wouldn’t be able to answer all your questions.

As a result, Buyer Madness will probably sell out fast.
Good move on your part to get on this early bird list.

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