Does Your Inbound Marketing Content Have “Aura”?

inbound marketingBack in the early days of social marketing, you could get away with creating drivel for the sake of generating volume to throw out to article directories, blogs and Web 2.0 sites for the purpose of creating back links. You could take one piece of content and rewrite it 100 different ways and then just shoot it out to spray all across the web. At the time, it worked. Those days are gone forever as we rely on inbound marketing to drive your business online.

Today you have to have a content strategy for inbound marketing and everything you do must be well thought out. Your blog posts, videos, images, etc. have to have what I call an “AURA”. (Authentic, Useful, Relevant and Actionable)

Authentic: Everything you create or share should be your own or have your own spin on it. Do not put your name on something that isn’t yours. If you do share someone else’s information be sure to give credit where credit is due. Your followers will have more respect for you if you do.

Now this is not to say you cannot re-purpose the information into more than one format. In fact, you SHOULD be making the information available on all platforms. For example, your blog post can also be made into a video, an audio file and an infographic. This gives you more bang for your buck and helps you reach a wider audience because you can then place the same content on places like Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and iTunes as well as your blog. You are far more likely to have the info passed around if you reach your audience where they are most likely to hang out online.

Useful: Every piece of material you share should serve a purpose to your customers or readers. The purpose may be entertainment, a valuable resource or useful information.  The reader should be able to take something away from the experience. If you waste their time with drivel, they won’t be back and they certainly won’t pass it along to others. Pure and simple, it is a waste of your time and resources. Inbound marketing means you need to stop writing content for your business and start writing for your customers.

Relevant: This should go without saying but the information you share needs to be relevant to the time, place and topic. There is no point in sharing old news or placing the information on an inappropriate platform. You wouldn’t try to submit an article to Pinterest. It just wouldn’t fly anymore than trying to teach old practices that no longer work or are accepted.

Actionable: One of the biggest mistakes you can do for your business is not give your readers or viewers directions to the next step they should take after viewing your content. This could be instructions for passing the info along to others, using the information you have shared with them for their personal gain or following a link to your product or more information on the topic. Never leave the visitor without a call to action.

So, following my own advice, I would like you to share this info with others via your favorite social site (Facebook or Twitter or both!) and then I want you to put this inbound marketing information to good use creating engaging content for your customers that will help move your business forward. Make sure to mind your AURA!

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