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I Have A Most Incredible Free Gift Ever

As a long time member of GKIC, I have an amazing gift for you;

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Most Incredible Free Gift Ever

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These are the marketing tools I use every day in my business and teach to others.

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Rick Ostler



Big Ticket Dashboard – 1 Click Marketing Plan Software

How to Point’n Click Your Way to Your Own Big Ticket Sales Machine

Rick here.

Today I received an email from one of my mentors, Marlon Sanders.

Marlon was telling me a friend of his recently paid $30,000 for a 5-day training on how to sell big tickets.

I swear there is more info in Big Ticket Dashboard than in that 5-day training.

Another friend just paid $40,000 for Big Ticket Training.

Admittedly, Big Ticket Dashboard is advanced info.
If you’re scared of doing a webinar or talking to people on the phone, it’s not for you.

But the upside is this….Marlon’s friend who paid the $30,000 sold $22,000 within the 5 days of training
just by doing some phone calls at night.

Big Ticket Dashboard has 80% to 90% of what you’d get in these high-dollar trainings.

But it will cost you under $100.

Best wishes,


PS:  I have been using this for 6 months now.  There’s a lot of actionable info in it.

Grab it at a huge discount today!