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Spider-Man, Amazing Marketing Rebranding

Spider-Man made his first appearance in the pages of Amazing Fantasy Comics – Number 15 in August of 1962.

I remember it vividly – I was 8 years old and a big time comic book collector, especially action comics.

Peter Parker, a teenage high school student by day – Skyscraper swinging web shooting costumed crime fighter Spider-Man by nite!

I thought he was the coolest action fighter at that time and I still do today. I never miss a Spider-Man Movie.

Do you know Spidey has worn 24 crime fighting uniforms in the comics, tv and the big screen.

24 spiderman uniforms

Infographic provided by

My favourite Spider-Man costume  has to be the 1966 version used in the comic books and the first television series that aired from September 9, 1967, to June 14, 1970.

So tell me…………what’s your favourite spidey outfit? Please leave a comment below.

What is Rebranding

  • Decide why your company should rebrand
  • Research all the changes your company could make
  • Determine how many parts of your company you want to rebrand
  • Calculate the amount of money needed for your rebranding
  • Assign responsibilities to your staff or outside company to impliment
  • Update your company mission statement to reflect the new image of your company
  • Maybe you might want to look at changing the company name
  • Redesign your company logo
  • Establish a new marketing plan – Online or Offline or combine both
  • Be sure to test any changes before you launch your new brand
  • Your new marketing plan includes a well publicized event or a series of events

So what parts of your company are you considering a rebranding?

Let me know your thoughts.

To Your Success!

Rick Ostler