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Email Marketing has always been one of my passions and I have worked hard over over the years to get to get it right. And now I want to share my knowledge with you for your business


Make Your Email Marketing Simple

Hello Subscribers, Rick Ostler here……
Are you building an email list? Discover how you can put yourself into full control with your auto-responder.

Here is an inside look of some of the really cool features that’s available to you;

Sean Donahoe is an Entrepreneur, Author, Coach, Public Speaker and Philanthropist. Sean is a self-taught expert who consults with every size of company from Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop local shops.

Sean specializes in showing business in how to transform their business into massively profitable enterprises and how to leverage the power of Internet Marketing to take their business to the next level.

Let me show you this awesome plugin that comes with tons of features that even the big auto-responders cannot match…
Your Very Own Email Auto-responder

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Get Ready For Your Most Successful Year Yet…

See how Infusionsoft Helps Small Businesses Thrive

This is the time to grow your list of contacts, and Infusionoft is the tool you need to do it.

With the right campaign in place, you’ll be following up with the leads (automatically) all year long.

Its time to organize your contacts and personalize your follow-up for better results and more sales.

Discover how Infusionsoft’s sales and marketing software helps small businesses just like yours….

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Centralize all customer interactions and daily activities in one place

Email marketing
Capture new leads, automate follow-up and turn them into customers

Lead scoring
Identify the hottest leads so you can close sales faster

E-commerce shopping carts
Sell more online and collect payment with one centralized system

Cloud-based sales and marketing software
Save time, simplify your day and improve productivity

If you’re losing leads, not following up with everyone, missing sales numbers or just not achieving the results you wanted this past year, we can help. Right now, we’re offering some great discounts on Infusionsoft —the most robust marketing tool for small business owners.

Take action before the end of the year to gain access to:

  • Pre-built campaigns – We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Leverage pre-made, automated, promotional campaigns
  • Exclusive content – Access tips, tricks and techniques to see huge growth numbers
  • An unheard of discount – Give me a call for details

Now is the time to grow your list of contacts and achieve success in 2015. Infusionsoft is the tool you need to do it! With the right campaigns, you’ll be able to follow up with leads (automatically) all year long.


Small Business Success Kits [Free + Bonus]

My friends at Infusionsoft are offering valuable Small Business Success Kits
to help you identify places in your business that have room for improvement.

The success kits contain worksheets and videos that walk you through Lifecycle
Marketing and shows you how it can be applied for your business specifically!

All of this is free and can help your business Thrive 365 days of the year.

Click the link below to get access to these amazing tools; 
Small Business Success Kits

I have been using Infusionsoft for a few years now and it has rocked my business
with prospects, increased sales, upsells and referrals.

I HAVE A BONUS FOR YOU…Video Marketing Training;

My 5-part video bonus includes training videos on:
1. Creating commercials for offline companies 6:26
2. Using Video to Make Sales Letters 6:25
3. Using video to enhance an ebook or guide 5:51
4. Creating customer service how to videos 7:19
5. Using video invitations to events 6:15

Over 30 minutes of how to training videos – $57. Value

To get the bonus, please forward your confirmation email to me
from Infusionsoft and I will email you Video Marketing Training.
Or include it in the comment box below.

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Rick Ostler


Email Marketing – What You Need to Ask Yourself

First off, thanks for stopping by my web site today.

I have prepared another PDF for you….

Where I share – When it comes to email marketing, I have learned over the years
there are a number of things you need to ask yourself from the get go…….

Rick Ostler Marketing Minute2

And the number one objection I hear from clients about email marketing.

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Thanks, Rick Ostler


Email Marketing – Sales Funnel Framework

First off, thanks for stopping by my web site today.

I have prepared another PDF for you….

Where I share more about the email Follow-up Sequence and how I framework an overall
structure you can use that will result in the most effective online selling situations.

Rick Ostler Marketing Minute1

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Thanks, Rick Ostler