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Hey Let’s Talk

Would You Like Me To Help Create a Strategic Plan Customized to Your Business That Will Bring in More Revenue and Customers Right Away? For Free!

As I mentioned in my email, I help owners in your industry attract more prospects and increase sales.

These days, business owners are really confused and overwhelmed.

They get approached constantly from salespeople who use a very traditional mainstream, visibility driven advertising and marketing offers that don’t live up to expectations.

More often than not, the end result is a ton of money wasted and opportunities vanished.


The main reasons why traditional marketing no longer works is;

1.The company did not learn what the business owner’s needs are.

2.The campaign design could not track results.


Which winds up being a hope marketing campaign. They HOPE it’s going to work…

This comes from my own experience being a business owner.

Everything I have learned from using traditional marketing tactics are wrong and no longer work effectively.


If I could show you how to increase your revenue 15% to 30% Would that be worth 30 minutes of your time?


The marketing I started using many years ago for my business is very different but extremely successful…

At the time, I had a large segment of new prospects coming into my sales funnel.

Who we’re not converting into customers as quick as they should.

I knew I was offering good products and services and felt the results should have been showing better sales conversions.

So I created a very responsive custom designed sales plan with great success.


I’ve gotten very good at working with owners to create sales funnels to suit their needs…

Which has created a positive and dramatic impact on their businesses.

So let me ask you;

Are you happy where your business is now?

Don’t need any more customers and sales?

Frankly, some clients do tell me that, and if so there is no reason to continue our conversation.


Or would you be interested in learning more?

With your permission I’m going to email you a few simple questions about your business.

Get an idea of what you do, what you want to accomplish, what you’re doing now for marketing and so forth.

Then I will review your answers and get back to you to set up a day and time on the phone for a 1 on 1 initial planning session and go over your business.

There’s no charge for this, and it only takes about a 30 minute phone call for us to do together.

So Let’s talk!

Rick Ostler


I just don’t teach this, I use it every day in my business!


How To Have A Commanding Influence In Your Real Estate Market And Beyond

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Hello, in this detailed 16 page report, I’ll be covering four areas to become a commanding influence in your real estate market and beyond.

  • How to generate new leads every day
  • How to set up a continuing source of referrals and repeat Business
  • How to stand out in your area and beyond
  • How to apply it to your business

Creating a commanding influence is easy to do and really simple.
When you do this, you are automatically positioned as a person of influence in your field.
Included in this report are case studies from clients I work with ongoing.

An you will discover one of my favourite marketing strategies for real estate brokers, agents and sales people.
Whether your involved in residential or commercial real estate, this will be valuable to you and your clients.

Receive this 16 page Report by providing your info below;