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My New Connections – September

This has been a busy month online. I have made some great connections with people around the world.

I never give up an opportunity to meet new people and grow my network.

Because you never know who will become a valuable business resource, introducing you to new ideas and opportunities.

Making Connections

Here are Just a few of My New Connections – September

Richard Roberts,
Richard specializes in working with Local Small Businesses in the PA/NJ area by using his marketing expertise, coupled with a deep understanding of how to drive customers through traditional and non traditional methods.


Dolores Fazzino, DNP, RN,
is a Speaker, Author, International Leading Authority on Spirituality and Physical Health and Wellness, Consultant.


Rajasekar Venkatesan,
Rajasekar is a Business Development Consultant specializing in helping international companies to expand in India.


Aaron Babcock,
Aaron is a Senior Product Advisor with Heartland HR Outsourcing Service in Rochester, NY.
Heartland HR Outsourcing Service ★★★ Premier HR Services, Payroll and Automated Benefits Platform


Vern Bell,
Vern is President of Enterprise Benefits in Frisco, Texas. Value investor and professional investment adviser.
Vern’s business partner, Daniel Dower, just released a new eBook.
If you’d like to subscribe access the following URL. It’s free:


Subro Lôrd,
Subro is a Social Media Marketing Manager at MEMMOS Enterprises FZ LLC in Finland
Public Relations and Communications


Claudiu Peter,
Off Market Properties, Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area Real Estate.
Claudiu is Real Estate Appraise TR/ Investor/ Marketer.
Off Market Company has all the tools and processionals required that your investments to be a true success no matter of your level.


Fashie Ritikobe,
Sales Associate at Potential Lead in Los Angeles, California
Marketing and Advertising
Potential Lead are a company that provides top-quality sales lead and taks an interest in your business, make your company grow by marketing it.


Aatreyee Banerjee,
Traffic Manager at Century Digitech in Hong Kong
Online Media
Century Digitech are email marketing company who are looking for new business opportunities and collaboration in this platform. They have a huge email databases across the world and will try to find out the companies who you would be interested to work with.


Hammed Ayobami,
Founder CARDPRINTING.COM.NG Managing Director / Brand Developer at BAHNET MULTIMEDIA AGENCY NIG. LTD in Nigeria Media Production
BMA is a renowned print media and brand communication advertising agency, which focus on branding, sign-age, publishing and digital prints.


William Hunter,
Digital Marketing Strategist, SEO and New Business Development Specialist in the Greater San Diego Area.
Marketing and Advertising
William has plenty of experience working with Fortune 500 clients as well as start ups.

Susan Bennett,
Susan is a Voice-over Artist and Singer located in Atlanta, GA.
Susan is the original voice of Siri on the iPhone.


World’s First Buoyant Smartphone – The Comet

I have some really smart young entrepreneurs within my network of professionals on LinkedIn.

Recently I have been talking to Subro Lord from Finland who is the Social Media Marketing Manager at MEMMOS Enterprises FZ LLC.

Subro Lord

Subro shared with me, how he is working with Prashanth Raj Urs who is the CEO and Founder of Comet Core.
Comet Core are located in San Jose, California.

Comet Core has introduced the world’s first buoyant smart phone that floats in water “The Comet”

Comet Smartphone

The Comet is designed with the core belief that smartphones are not merely devices, but extensions of who we are.

As we all know, smartphones are becoming the primary way we reach out to people around the world today.

In other words, your smartphone is not just a device but a custodian of your life and it’s limitless experiences.

And are currently running a campaign to raise money on Indiegogo

With Comet, you will never lose your smartphone or data stored in it simply because you dropped it in water.

Live the moment, enjoy the beauty of water without the panic of losing your smartphone.

Indiegogo empowers people like Prashanth Raj Urs to activate the global community to make ideas happen. Then, they help you spread the word.

So on behalf of Subro Lord, Prashanth and his team over at Comet Core, please get out your wallets and purses and contribute now at


The Yarn Store Launch Video [Case Study]

Shelley Brander has a yarn store in Tulsa Oklahoma. Knitting has been a passion of Shelley’s since she first learn to knit when she was 16 years old. Along the way she just got this crazy idea to open her own store.

Shelley and her husband owned a branding ad industry for over 30 years. All her friends and family thought she was completely crazy to go from this really successful ad agency and go out and open up a yarn store.

She had no retail background what so ever, had no idea what she was doing. All Shelley had in her back pocket was her branding skills and a dream.

Watch this video and learn how she turned her passion and an idea of creating a modern yarn store.
And what she discovered along the way that really transformed her life and the yarn store business.

Can you use Product Launch Formula to do an online launch for a bricks-and-mortar yarn store?
That’s exactly what Shelley Brander did with pretty spectacular results! This and incredibly inspiring story;

[Click Here] The One Critical Strategy Behind The Most Successful Product Launches!



Mountain Bike Crash + Juggling = Success [True Story]

Mountain biking and juggling have several things in common. One of them is you are working with gravity.

And the thing about gravity is it never gives up. It’s always there.  And you don’t want to fight it…

it will win every time. This is a really cool Case Study that’s really all about gravity.

In mountain biking, juggling…and ultimately, business and life.

Check it out, you’re going to love it:

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Teachers Careers on LinkedIn Group

Paris Norriss, one of my business associates has started up his own group on LinkedIn.

Paris Norriss

Teachers Careers on LinkedIn

A group focused at connecting good teachers with good schools.

For all current topics and news in the Education sector and to connect opportunities with talent.

Paris is an executive with broad experience in the education and technology sectors in the Middle East.

He currently heads the Middle East operation of Coba Education, an initiative to bridge the gaps in the global demands for teachers and staff in the education sector.

Coba Education has 7 offices throughout the UK and the Middle East and operates a supply teacher and SEN division in addition to permanent placements.

Why not become a member of the Teachers Careers on LinkedIn Group today, the group is growing fast!

Rick Ostler


Global Business Collaboration

Ian Haines, one of my business associates has started up his own group on LinkedIn.

Ian Haines

Global Business Collaboration Group 

This group was set up to allow individuals and companies to position their products or services to a global international market and for buyers to find international suppliers.

Ian is Owner of Ianmhaines Consulting in Codford St Peter, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Ian’s business interests are in;

1. His core business is a general call centre and BPO partners worldwide;

Has a portfolio of 500 partners worldwide although we probably only work with 30 regularly and use no more than 100 on an ad hock basis.

But the point is we have a partner somewhere in every country around the world so all bases are covered.

They hunt for companies that want to outsource some inbound/outbound or BPO work and then place that with a partner of their’s after conducting a business matching service.

The partner has to have demonstrable experience in the clients vertical, they have to be in the right location, can achieve the price points and the way the client wants to remunerate them (has to be a win for both parties – client and supplier)

The supplier can tick all the boxes relating to size of operation, data security, recruitment, training, political stability, business continuity planning etc etc.

The two big call centre areas for Ian right now are multi lingual – They have circa 40 partners across Europe who can handle in one site between 10 and 20 European languages via a mix of native, bi and tri lingual agents.

One centre even offers multi lingual Social Media Management via their own platform managing – voice, web, text, chat.

They specifically target North American, UK and European businesses that trade across Europe who need multi lingual partners.

The 2nd area is a large call centre partner operating in China with 2 huge sites helping US and European companies with inbound CS and sales support that wish to trade in China.

The good thing is that this 3,500 seat operation is Canadian owned and they will support a small 5 seat operation and upwards. They specialise in supporting luxury brands with inbound sales and CS support.

2. BPO business in India who specialise in the whole accounting and payroll outsource side of things;

They have a team of 80 accountants and other back end financial staff who manage this outsource side of things for UK and US businesses.

Ian is looking to try and generate as much work and enquiries as possible for them.

This is a massive growth area currently and they are a real premium supplier of these services – not on price but on quality of service and delivery.

You can contact Ian at;

Skype ID ian.haines10


How To Crush Your Email Marketing Now

How To Be Sure Your Emails Arrive In Your Prospects Inbox

Not Their Spam Box Each and Every Day!

email message

All of us are email marketers no matter what we’re doing in marketing….

No matter what niche your in, no matter what avenue in the world your in.

Whether your an offline business or online business.

Whether your in retail or a service provider….

Anything you do today – You should be using email marketing.

It’s the future, it’s here now and it’s not going away any time

You wake up each and every morning and check your email right?

I know I do and I’m pretty darn sure everyone else does too.

I mean we’re not anything special vs anyone else in the world.

We all check our emails some time during the day – so why would email ever go away?

But we all have to become a better email marketer.

We all need to learn and adapt to the changes in email marketing in order to achieve the success we want from our emails.

How many people wake up in the morning to 50 or more emails, each and every day?

Most people do whether your in a profit for business or a non-profit organization.

So………how do you make yourself and your emails stand out?

How do you make yourself sure your emails arrive in your prospects inbox – Not their Spam box each and every day?

That’s what this video training is all about……….

As you grow your company, what your going to learn you can implement into your business right away.

You will also discover One big thing that many email marketers don’t talk about that happened in the begining of this year.

Learn What You Need To Crush Your Email Marketing [Fill Out For Below Now]


New Unique Business Loan and Revolving Line Of Credit

Paige Todd, one of my business associates has started up her own group on LinkedIn.
Paige Todd

Business Loans Made Easy….

True Business Loans with fixed term and fixed payment.

Revolving Business Line Of Credit No Upfront Fees.

• Have You Been In Business 6 months?
• Are Your Annual Gross Sales over $100,000?
• Is Your Average Monthly Bank Balance over $1,000?
• Is Your Credit Score at least 500?

If you answered ‘Yes’​ to the above then you meet the minimum criteria.

* TRUE Business Loans Starting At $5,000 On Up
* No Up-Front Fees | Free To Apply
* No Collateral Needed
* 1 Hour Approval and Same Day Funding
* Simple Application
* Minimal Documentation
* Programs w/ No Tax Returns or Financials Needed
* Consolidation Programs Available
* Good Credit / Bad Credit / Poor Credit
* Fixed Rate – As Low As 5.49%
* Fixed Payments
* Monthly Payments
* Terms to 10 Years
* Revolving Business Line Of Credit – (min. of 15 deposits/month, 580 credit score and min. of $2500 in sales) VERY POPULAR Program!

Paige Todd, LinkedIn
Email me at
Call Paige now 845-765-8810
Go To to get started now.


Creating Revenue For Your Non-Profit – The Secret Formula

Desiree Reed, one of my business associates is a Non-Profit Content Strategist, Master Wordsmith & Copywriter from Acworth, Georgia.

Desiree Reed

I received a very interesting email from Desiree that I would like to share with my subscribers….

Hi Rick,

Recently I’ve been thinking about all of the non-profits and business owners who are struggling with generating more revenue. Day in and out they question what they’re doing wrong.

Lucky for you there’s a simple solution for the perceived problem.

And guess what…

It doesn’t involve cold calling, begging, pleading, or banging on customers’ doors.

The secret formula is in your messaging.

Did you know that you can increase your revenue by as much as 400% just by refining your message?

Yep, it’s true.

A clearly defined message equals cash.

Every day I help my clients to reach this level of financial success. Now I would like to do the same for you!

If you are ready to invest in an immediate and permanent solution for growing your non-profit or business, then click the link below to schedule a complimentary 60-minute discovery session with me:

In our session, I’ll work with you to find out what’s working and what’s not. We’ll identify immediate opportunities and put together a quick plan of action to create a surge of new donations, clients and revenue.

Go here to get your session today:

Desiree Reed, LinkedIn
Master Wordsmith and Content Strategists for Non-Profits and SMBs

P.S. I sent this message out to all of my LinkedIn contacts. Needless to say, there’s only so much of me to go around. So schedule your session NOW before my calendar fills up!

Here’s the link to book your session now:


Earn1KaDay 2015 Seminar in Las Vegas – Get The Recordings Now


Experts Shared Their BEST Money Getting Secrets

Long time friend Dennis Becker and several dozen Internet marketers recently travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Earn1KaDay Seminar.

They came from near and far, by car, plane and bus – not to win a fortune in the casinos, but to learn life changing information in a closed hotel conference room.

Here I want to give you just a few reasons that these recordings are an incredibly great value…

— Wilson Mattos talked about success and failure, and why you should quit.

I know Wil very well, he’s been a good friend for many years and has been at every single one of my seminars, all

Yet when he shared his personal history for the first time ever publicly, I was shocked.

It put his advice into so much greater perspective, I can’t begin to do justice to the power of his presentation.

— I thought I knew a lot about Kindle publishing… turns out I still have a ways to go to keep up with the rest of the experts on our Self Publishing Panel.

These recordings not only can, but WILL, change things for you…

— Gene Pimentel had me shaking my head in wonderment when he shared his tips (and yes, tricks) to profit from buying and selling domain names that he acquires for as little as $1.00.

The recordings of are now available [CLICK HERE]

dennis_becker_seminarYou’ll hear other experts like Connie Ragen Green, Kristen Joy, Chris Miyamoto (wow, does he know a lot about SEO!), Teresa Miller, John Rhodes (Why did he sell out from a very successful business to take a job again?

You’ll find out.), Justin Popovic, Brenda Trott, Adrienne Dupree (profits with Amazon FBA), Jon Griffin (building an empire with Kindle fiction books).

I don’t want to single out any one as “best”, and I suspect that each of the presentations will be labelled favourite by someone, depending on what you’re looking for.

Get The 2015 Earn1KaDay Seminar Recordings Now

You’ll love these ideas, and I’m sure there will be some ideas that will have you taking action right away to implement them in your own business.

Trust me, I have.

Life changing? For me, yes. For you? You be the judge.

Ready? Grab Your Recordings Now!




Only Join IF You Want To Find Out How To Generate Leads

Dean Packham, one of business associates has started up his own group on LinkedIn.

Dean Packham

Only Join IF You Want To Find Out How To Generate Leads

The purpose of this group is to provide ideas and strategies to enable you to generate leads from LinkedIn.

Dean Packham, from the Burgess Hill, United Kingdom is B2B Internet Marketing Consultant specialising in LinkedIn – connecting buyers with sellers.



No Charge for These – Tips for Job Hunters from the Field

Scott Singer, one of business associates has started up his own group on LinkedIn.


No Charge for These – Tips for Job Hunters from the Field

A forum for job seekers looking for honest advice about the recruitment process.

Scott Singer is a Human Resources professional and staffing expert with almost 20 years of in-house corporate HR and staffing firm experience.

He has expertise in the intricacies of the hiring process, corporate staffing strategy and the ins and outs of the HR department.