9 game-changing career tips for women, from women

9 game-changing career tips for women, from women
The communications industry is changing every day.
Technologies come and go, social networks rise and fall, and trends are here and gone in the blink of an eye.
In a field still in the process of defining itself, the need for strong female leadership is something New York Women in Communications strives toward. By providing education and promoting professional growth, the group is dedicated to supporting the next generation of female leaders in the field of communications.
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55% of recruiters reconsider job candidates after seeing their social profiles
In 2014, 93% of recruiters will use social media to evaluate job candidates
Competition is increasing in the head hunting industry as well, and recruiters are primarily investing more in social recruitment to beat their competitors, beyond referral and mobile recruitment. They report that social tactics increase candidate quality and quantity in 2014, and improved the time it took to hire candidates.
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