3 Signs an Employee Is Headed for the Door – And What to Do Next

3 Signs an Employee Is Headed for the Door – And What to Do Next

When I first started out as a manager, if you’d asked me what one tool I’d wish for to better manage my team, I’d have told you more headcount, or maybe better access to executives. Ask me a few years later, and hands down, that item would be a crystal ball.
After one of my best employees handed me his two weeks’ notice several years ago, I asked myself if I could’ve seen it coming. Were there warning signs? Could I have prevented him from leaving if I’d seeSee Original Article

How admitting weakness makes you stronger

Fears can serve as a tether, keeping you tied to your past and ultimately from achieving independence. However connections can serve as anchors, or a stabilizing force, enabling you to reach higher and more fully develop your independence, even as you are tethered¬Ě to others. Paradox is a trip. Over the past 4 years or so, I’ve come to increasingly realize that truth resides in both parts (many parts?) of any given equation. Non-denominationally speaking, Christ was trying to help us fiSee Original Article

Is your productivity productive?

“Does it generate revenue?” This is one of the questions that floated around the room during our Genius Shared retreat in Chicago a few months ago. We were discussing goals, productivity, and action plans (things that send a tingle up the spine of every productivity nerd). But many of us forget to apply the “does it generate revenue” test to our actions. If you’re running a business, this has to be the litmus test for everything we do during working hours. Not thSee Original Article

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